Deals On Wheels

Imagine going in for an oil change and walking into the office of the quick lube. You check in your car and then wait for someone to help you. The man behind the desk seems more like a cardboard cutout than a service advisor. Another man in a gray jumpsuit takes your keys and heads out to your car to perform the basic service. Now you wait. A short time later, your keys are handed back to you along with the bill.

No greeting, no walk-around, and most importantly, no up-sell. Sales revenues receive the biggest blow when service advisors act more like a paper weight than a salesman.

That’s why we came up with the BG Service Lane Sampler to eliminate the stationary “lane ranger.” The BG Service Lane Sampler is a polished mobile workstation that promotes customer interaction. Take the service advisor to the customer’s comfort zone, where deals are made. The stainless steel sampler is custom-designed to aid the service advisor in the walk-around, complete with a pullout tray that offers convenient storage for Dab-A-Lube plates and accessories.