Fuel & Air Induction Cleaning Service

BG Fuel & Air Induction Cleaning Service will remove harmful deposits, and will clean the entire fuel induction, air induction and exhaust system. The BG VIATM, Vehicle Injection ApparatusTM (PN 9290-200 & 9290-200R), using the BG210M, Fuel Induction System Cleaner, and BG206M, Air intake System Cleaner, provides highly effective cleaning of the entire fuel and Air induction system. This service is completed by adding 44KВ® Fuel System Cleaner (PN 208) into the fuel tank to remove combustion chamber deposits, and to clean fuel lines, fuel tank and all other critical fuel components.

Fuel & Air Service Benefit

  • Restores "like new" engine performance
  • Restores fuel economy and horse power
  • Reduces harmful emission
  • Helps make engine idle smooth
  • Eliminates pinging, knocking and lack of power

BG210, Fuel Injection System Cleaner

BG 210, Fuel Injector System Cleaner is injected by the BG 9290-200R apparatus into the fuel line at the OEM engine running fuel pressure without disassembling any fuel component. In less than 20-25 mins, this service will remove all the deposits from the fuel injectors, fuel rails, ports and intake valves.It will restore engine power and performance & horsepower. It will restore fuel consumption according to OEM specifications.

Part # 210M В  11oz. (325ml) can

BG206, Air Intake System Cleaner

BG 206, Air Intake System Cleaner is injected by the BG 9290-200 apparatus into the air intake system and throttle body. In less than 15 minutes, this service will remove all the harmful deposits from the intake manifold, intake plenum, intake valves and throttle body. It will restore the air flow to the system, restores engine performance & horsepower and lowers harmful emissions.

Part #206M В  11oz. (325ml) can

BG208, 44K, Fuel System & Combustion Chambers Cleaner

BG208, 44K, is added to the gas tank. In one application, this patented formula product will remove deposits from gas tank, fuel lines, intake valves, combustion chambers, and crown of pistons. This service will eliminate the engine pre-ignition, knocking, pinging, lack of power and performance. It will restore “like new” engine performance.

Part # 208M В  В 11oz. (325ml) can