BG Products,Inc. is an ISO 9001 Certified Company

BG Products, Inc., the leading manufacturer and supplier of automotive fuel and oil conditioners, specialty chemicals, greases, tools and equipment is ISO9001-2000 certified. ISO9001 provides a business model for quality assurance in design, development, production and service.

“We have always been committed to quality,” says Galen Myers, BG Products, Inc. president. “This certification is further proof that team work and hard work has its rewards.”

The International Organization of Standardization (ISO) was formed in Geneva, Switzerland in 1946. The organization is comprised of more than 110 national standards bodies. The member body representing the United States is the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), which is responsible for thousands of standards including international symbols for public information, road signs and photographic film speeds.

In order to secure ISO Certification, BG Products, Inc. created a committee, which brought together seven internal departments – technical services, marketing, engineering, operations, purchasing, human resources and quality control. This group worked to review the processes involved in bringing a product to our customers.

BG Products, Inc. audit team conducts ongoing audits of the processes to ensure every department and individual are following the documentation as it was written. BG Products, Inc. has successfully completed all the steps required for certification from SAI Global, an internationally recognized ISO accrediting firm, which reviewed BG Products, Inc. quality systems and issued the ISO9001 certification.

BG provides products which meet or exceed the requirements of our customers and to continue to improve our quality system.