Battery Service

The BG Battery Service battles corrosion, your battery's arch-enemy. The service preserves the battery's full power for easy, immediate starting.

BG Battery Cleaner – Acid Detector

Foaming cleaner to remove the power-sapping corrosives that rob battery of power and shorten battery life. Unique acid detecting ingredient turns red in the presence of acid to warn of the need for additional cleaning; also indicates presence of a crack or leak around terminal. Part No. 485 Net Wt. 14 oz. (397 grams), Volume 14.19 fl. oz. (420 mL)

BG Ignition & Battery Terminal Sealer

Restores cracked or damaged insulation on wiring. Completely seals and weatherproofs wiring and electrical connections. Insulates wiring from shorts—several coats will insulate bare wires. Insulates brake light wires. Colorless protection for decals, lettering, etc. Dries fast. Will not accumulate dust or dirt. Part No. 490 Net Wt. 12.75 oz. (362 grams),Volume 13.59 fl. oz. (402 mL)

BG Battery Cable Savers

When battery terminals have been cleaned from heavy corrosion, sometimes this results in a grinding away of the post. When that occurs, the battery cable cannot be tightened enough to create a solid connection. BG Battery Cable Savers correct this problem by filling in the extra space allowing the cable to be tightened to complete a solid connection, thus eliminating the starting problems that a faulty connection will cause. Part No. 979-1

BG Battery Terminal Protectors

BG Battery Terminal Protectors are unique, providing a positive end to battery terminal corrosion. The exclusive chemical formula used is harmless in every respect to the battery, paint and other parts. Fits easily onto the battery post. Fully guaranteed 24 months when placed on solid, clean posts. Part No. 985 Part No. 986 Part No. 987 Top Post Side Post Combo

BG Battery Cleaner & Leak Detector

BG Battery Cleaner & Leak Detector is an easy way to clean batteries and remove the power-sapping corrosives from battery terminals, cables and carriers. BG has included a unique acid detecting ingredient that turns red in the presence of acid to warn of the need for additional cleaning or presence of a crack or leak around terminals. Part No. 885 2 oz. (59.14 mL) bottle