BG Headlight Restoration

The BG Headlight Restoration Process is a three-step process including sanding off all of the oxidation, smoothing the surface, and then protecting the lens with a special UV protectant that is in fact baked in with high heat, to ensure long lasting protection.

Class Actв„ў Headlight Restoration Kit

The Class Act™ Headlight Restoration Kit, Part No. CA875, is a simple three-step process that includes lightly sanding the headlight lens until the cloudy and discolored surface is removed, then applying a protective sealant. This convenient, single-vehicle service kit restores beam clarity and improves luminosity. Completely safe to use and compatible with all headlight components, it’s an economical way to restore lenses to like-new condition! Part No. CA875

BG LenzSaverв„ў Headlight Restoration Kit

Plastic headlight lenses become discolored and hazy due to exposure to sunlight, chemicals used in washing, exhaust fumes, etc. With BG LenzSaverв„ў the original clarity can be restored and maintained. The patented BG LenzSaverв„ў Headlight Restoration Kit uses a one-of-a-kind process that chemically bonds a UV protectant to the surface of the headlight lens and the substrate levels. Part No. LS-100