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Using BG Stop Squeal® (PN 860M), will quickly and effectively eliminate brake squeal, noise and chatter.

BG Brake Stop Squeal
  • Symptoms
  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Noisy Brakes
  • Squealing Brakes
  • Grinding Brakes
  • Brake Pads Sticking
  • Vibration when pressure is applied
  • Prevents noisy brake squeals
  • Alleviates brake grinding noise and
  • Helps reduce brake maintenance cost
  • Alleviates brake Grinding / Squealing noise
  • Helps reduce brake maintenance cost
  • Enhanced brake pads life

Most brake noise is caused by vibrations that occur when pressure is applied. BG Stop Squeal works on the simple principle of impregnating the brake pad with ingredients that reduce sticking between the pad and rotor. When pressure is applied, the vibrations are significantly reduced, thus brake noise is stopped or is markedly less noticeable. Part No. 860 Part No. 86032 1 oz. bottle , 32 oz. (946 mL) can

Part No : 860M    Quantity : 29.6 mL