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The BG PXT2, Performance Exchange for Transmission, using the Quick Clean,PN 106M for Automatic Transmission, will dissolve and remove harmful deposits from valve body, torque converter and other critical transmission components. It will also exchange the entire old, oxidized and contaminated ATF with new fluid which has the same specifications as required by the vehicle manufacturer. This service is completed by adding ATF Fluid Conditioner (PN310M or 303M) to the new ATF to prevent it from oxidizing and to protect the transmission components.

BG Transmission Fluid Exchange Service
  • Symptoms
  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Slipping
  • Hard shifting
  • Chattering
  • Transmission Overheats
  • Low performance
  • 100% Fluid retrieval
  • Installs new automatic transmission fluid
  • Dissolves and suspends deposits
  • Rids all old fluid and suspended debris
  • Fortifies new fluid with seal conditioners, oxidation inhibitors and shift improvers
  • Exchanges 100% of the old ATF with the new ATF
  • Prevents transmission from hard shifting
  • Helps avoid transmission slipping and chattering
  • Prevents new ATF from oxidizing
  • Prolongs the life of the transmission and avoids costly repair
  • Helps run the car efficiently
  • Prevents transmission fluid leak by keeping the seals
    soft & pliable

BG Quick Clean for Automatic Transmissions is a safe and effective solvent/dispersant cleaner that will quickly remove accumulated deposits from the valve body, filter screen and other automatic transmission components. This product is designed for use in the BG Power Flush and Fluid Exchange System.

Part No : 106M    Quantity : 325 mL

BG ATC Plus enhances properties of both new and used automatic transmission fluid. It improves fluid oxidation stability, thereby prolonging fluid life and the life of the transmission. It prevents leaks by conditioning hardened seals—keeping them soft and pliable. BG ATC Plus helps control transmission shudder‚ retards formation of sludge and varnish deposits and prevents foaming.

Part No : 310M    Quantity : 325 mL

BG CVT Plus is formulated to enhance the properties of new and used fluid in both belt- and chain-type Continuously Variable Transmissions, wet dual clutch transmissions (DCT) and direct-shift gearboxes (DSG). It prolongs fluid life, prevents deposit formation, improves fluid oxidation stability and anti-wear characteristics. BG CVT Plus is compatible with all CVT, DCT and DSG fluids. Not for use in step shift automatic transmissions.

Part No : 303M    Quantity : 325 mL

 BG PXT2TM Performance ExchangeTM for Transmissions will remove accumulated deposits with worn-out transmission fluid, exchanges the old oxidized fluid with the new fluid quickly and effectively. The onboard computer with a full-color, multi-language touchscreen allows users to select weight measurements in gallons or liters and can customize each service to model-specific requirements. Service time can be as short as two minutes due to the use of an exchange booster and dual gear-driven pumps along with new and used fluid tanks. The BG PXT2TM is fully automatic and when the exchange is complete, the unit simply sends the incoming new fluid to the transmission, while the old fluid is safely captured inside the unit.

Part No : PXT2    Quantity : 1 Unit