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BG Cooling System Service, using the BG Universal Cooling System Cleaner (PN 540M), will dissolve and remove scale, corrosion and rust from the cooling system. This service is completed by adding BG Universal Super Cool® (PN 546M) to the new coolant to protect the cooling system components. Thermostat does not need to be removed to perform this service.

BG Cooling System Service
  • Symptoms
  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Excessive Coolant consumption
  • Temperature increase
  • Leaks / failure due to corrosion
  • Engine Overheating
  • Removes rust, scale and sludge from cooling system fins
  • Cleans debris from the cooling system
  • Cleans rust from the cooling lines
  • Replenishes depleted coolant additives
  • Cleans Passageways
  • Prevents foaming
  • Helps prevent overheating and costly break down
  • Helps engine run at cooler temperature
  • Helps prevent cooling system leaks
  • Removes inaccessible rust, scale and sludge from the entire cooling system
  • Prolongs the life of cooling system components
  • Installs special conditioner to protect the cooling system components and controls rust and corrosion

BG Universal Cooling System Cleaner is a revolutionary formulation with amazingly safe and effective cleaning capabilities. It removes tough organic deposits that result from oil fouling, grease and glycol oxidation residues—yet contains no harsh chemicals. BG Universal Cooling System Cleaner can be used in either gasoline or diesel engines. It is completely harmless to all cooling system components, and the cooling system does not require neutralization after service

Part No : 540M    Quantity : 354 mL

BG Universal Super Cool® coolant additive is specially formulated for use in conventional, long life, hybrid and heavy duty coolants. It provides outstanding protection for all metals utilized in modern automotive cooling systems. It has excellent corrosion inhibitors, anti-foam capabilities, and is biodegradable in its unused form. Passes ASTM 2809 and ASTM 2570 in ASTM reference synthetic used coolant.

Part No : 546M    Quantity : 354 mL