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BG Diesel Performance Oil change Service using, EPR - Engine Performance Restoration, PN 10932 will dissolve and remove harmful deposit buildups in the engine crankcase and rings, and will increase engine compression. This service will restore lost engine compression back to OEM specification by cleaning the engine compression rings. This service is completed by adding DOC, PN 11232M to the new oil to prevent it from oxidizing and to protect the engine under even the most severe stop-and-go, desert high temperature driving conditions and also by adding BG245, PN 24532M to clean the entire fuel system including fuel tanks, line, injectors, dissolve and clean baked-on deposits from tip of the injectors, piston tops and combustion chambers.

Diesel Performance Oil Service
  • Symptoms
  • Features
  • Benefits
  • Excessive Oil consumption
  • Poor fuel efficiency
  • Loss of power
  • Slow response
  • Excessive smoke
  • Eliminates and controls deposit buildups
  • Dissolves sludge and varnish
  • Cleans stubborn oil deposits
  • Cleans micro passageways in the engine
  • Cleans Piston rings and optimizes engine compression
  • Revolutionary “ring-clean” technology
  • Dissolves hard-to-remove fuel gums
  • Eliminates and controls deposit buildups
  • Restores engine power and performance
  • Cleans rings and restores engine compression
  • Lowers tailpipe emissions
  • Neutralizes acids and acid corrosion
  • Prolongs life of the engine
  • Stabilizes viscosity, prevents sludge through increased oxidation and soot control

BG EPR, Engine Performance Restoration is a revolutionary formula with proven “ring-clean” technology. It is a quick and effective blend of cleaners that will soften, emulsify and dissolve those hard to remove fuel gums that clog rings and will usually do it in 15 minutes or less. Compression will increase with removal of these deposits. BG EPR also lowers tailpipes emissions, eliminates oil consumption associated with buildup and improves overall power and economy. Safe for use in diesel and rotary engines.

Part No : 10932    Quantity : 946 mL

BG DOC for diesel engine oil is a revolutionary product designed especially for today’s modern high-output diesel engines. BG DOC maintains like-new diesel engine power and performance, neutralizes acids and acid corrosion, reduces friction and wear on engine parts, stabilizes viscosity, prevents sludge through increased oxidation and soot control. BG DOC is compatible with all diesel engine oils including synthetic and multi-grade.

Part No : 11232    Quantity : 946 mL